Limited Vision


Looks pretty sad huh?  When you look at this photo you think of a small cramped cage surrounded by these steel bars.  You vision the poor polar bear pacing from wall to wall in frustration and built up energy.

But that is not actually what is going on in this photo.  This is the polar bear exhibit at the San Diego Zoo, which is a huge exhibit.  Just five minutes before this the polar bear was splashing through the water and playing with his companion.  He was putting on quite a show and seemed pretty happy.  He was mostly surrounded by solid natural looking rocks and glass viewing areas.  There was only one small part with metal bars, and he walked over just for a minute or two to sniff out the area.

Just thought I would post an interesting blog entry about how biased photographs can be.  You can’t always trust the photograph because photos don’t show everything that is going on.  And now with photoshop and other digital photo editors, you can quickly edit things into a scene that aren’t even there, or take away objects that go against the point you are trying to make.

Thought it was kinda interesting. :)


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