It’s All In The Eyes

Took an old sheet, taped it to the wall, and then grabbed some of my dad’s lights he uses to photograph his companies products.  I grabbed my dogs one at a time and took some photos of them. :)  Bella is the black one and Jenna is the white one.  I have less pictures of Jenna because she was being weird and didn’t want to cooperate, but Bella would just sit there and look adorable, so it was easy.

I did some photoshopping with the pictures, though I usually don’t do anything to my photos.  I made Bella’s eyes blue just for the fun of it and made Jenna’s eyes more brown because she’s an old dog with dull eyes. :/  But anyways!  I was thinking of opening up a pet portrait mini-business just to help me make money!  What do you think?  Any price suggestions?  I would provide just a CD with all the photos taken for a certain amount of money, and then maybe five extra photos I would photoshop for some extra money.  Then they could also order prints for additional money.  :)  Maybe CD= 10$…5 extra photos for photoshop=5$…and then I need to do research about the prints. :)


4 thoughts on “It’s All In The Eyes

  1. Thank you for stopping by and liking my blog.

    Now I’m in a dilemma after meeting Bella and Jenna … missing my two Afghan Hounds Bella Rose and Lola. Do I buy a poodle puppy to love!

    Lovely pics

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