It’s All In The Eyes

Took an old sheet, taped it to the wall, and then grabbed some of my dad’s lights he uses to photograph his companies products.  I grabbed my dogs one at a time and took some photos of them. :)  Bella is the black one and Jenna is the white one.  I have less pictures of Jenna because she was being weird and didn’t want to cooperate, but Bella would just sit there and look adorable, so it was easy.

I did some photoshopping with the pictures, though I usually don’t do anything to my photos.  I made Bella’s eyes blue just for the fun of it and made Jenna’s eyes more brown because she’s an old dog with dull eyes. :/  But anyways!  I was thinking of opening up a pet portrait mini-business just to help me make money!  What do you think?  Any price suggestions?  I would provide just a CD with all the photos taken for a certain amount of money, and then maybe five extra photos I would photoshop for some extra money.  Then they could also order prints for additional money.  :)  Maybe CD= 10$…5 extra photos for photoshop=5$…and then I need to do research about the prints. :)


Limited Vision


Looks pretty sad huh?  When you look at this photo you think of a small cramped cage surrounded by these steel bars.  You vision the poor polar bear pacing from wall to wall in frustration and built up energy.

But that is not actually what is going on in this photo.  This is the polar bear exhibit at the San Diego Zoo, which is a huge exhibit.  Just five minutes before this the polar bear was splashing through the water and playing with his companion.  He was putting on quite a show and seemed pretty happy.  He was mostly surrounded by solid natural looking rocks and glass viewing areas.  There was only one small part with metal bars, and he walked over just for a minute or two to sniff out the area.

Just thought I would post an interesting blog entry about how biased photographs can be.  You can’t always trust the photograph because photos don’t show everything that is going on.  And now with photoshop and other digital photo editors, you can quickly edit things into a scene that aren’t even there, or take away objects that go against the point you are trying to make.

Thought it was kinda interesting. :)

Dogs Days

Not necessarily professional looking photographs, but I thought I would just post some fun pictures of my dogs!  I literally have hundreds of my dogs, but there are my favorite.  I will need to do some more artistic photo shoots with them and see what I come up with! :)

iPhoneography-Your Thoughts, Fav Apps, and My Shots

So, the most recent photography fad is iPhoneography.  Everyone always took pictures with there phones, but as more and more apps are being made, people are realizing the beauty of photography apps.  As the photography apps became more used and well known, and photographers became aware of them iPhoneography was born.  Now, you may ask, what counts as iPhoneography?  Well, honestly, there is no real definition for what makes a photo taken by an iPhone just a normal snap shot, or actualy iPhoneography.  I believe, for something to be iPhoneography worthy, there must be an artistic element in the photo that causes viewers to go “Now that is an interesting photo!”.  You can’t just snap a picture of your dog and call it iPhoneography.

So I got an iPod touch for my birthday and instantly began looking at the app store.  I searched through loads of photography apps to find the ones that I liked the best.  Surprisingly, there are actually a lot of free apps that work the same if not better than .99 cent apps.  Now I know I actually take pictures with an iPod not an iPhone, but they are pretty much the same.  I believe the only main difference between them is that an iPod may not have as good quality as an iPhone.  Oh well, I deal.  Here are some of my favorite photography apps, in order:

1) Hipstamatic.  I absolutely love this app, and it was one of the first photography apps I purchased.  Yes, it is one of the more “expensive” apps, but I think it is worth it.  You are able to switch out flashes, lenses, and films to determine how you want your photo to look.  When you first buy the app it comes with a couple flashes, films, and lenses that you can switch between.  After playing with those a bit, you can go to the store and buy packages of different lenses and such.  I love the different combinations you can make and different effects that come out of it.  I really recommend this app if you like the look that plastic cameras give photos.

2) Photosynth.  This is a free app!  And it is absolutely amazing.  DO NOT waste your money on a panorama app in the store, because this one is better than any ones you can buy.  I have gotten amazing panorama shots with this app and it is super easy to use.  Just get it, it’s free so there really is nothing to lose.

3) Camera +.  This one costs money, but is worth it.  The camera provides grid lines (optional) so that you can properly line up your photo.  It also provides a variety of effects and borders.  What I really love about this app is that you can change the White Balance.  If you are taking a photo at sunset, they have a premade setting for you.  Shade, inside, concert, food, night, etc.  They have it all.  You can also add these effects to any photo you wish.  Along with all this, it comes with a stabilizer, timer, and burst shot.

I have a lot more apps that I love, but those are my top three.  If you want to become part of a community of photographers, you might want to try Instagram.  It is pretty much a facebook for photographers.  Upload your photos into the feed, check out other peoples photos.  “Subscribe” to amazing photographers so that they show up on your news feed.  All that stuff.  Anywho, here is some of my iPhoneography (iPodography?).

So, what are your thoughts on iPhoneography?  Dumb fad?  Fun hobby?  Great invention?  Share your thoughts and favorite apps!  Also, if anyone else has a blog post on iPhoneography, just post the link here.  I’ll check it out, and if I really like it, I’ll feature it. :)

Off The Edge

I was on a huge hill overlooking the ocean, a bluff, and small community.  The sun was setting, not enough to cast hughes of pink and red across the sky though.  Everything the light touched was turned to golden liquid, and when I saw this I just had to stop.  I made my mom pull over so I could do a quick photography session, and this is what I got.