A Splash of Color

It’s been one of those rainy grey winter days, and I decided it needed a splash of color and some fun. c:  Here is what I did!  (Well, a little darkness with the black dye)

Hope you like it!  If you have any questions, just ask and ill answer!


To The Beach!

Went up to the beach for a night just to check things out with a new house we bought.  Got some nice shots of the sunset and neighbor’s dog.  Enjoy. :)

Your Opinions On Cloning?

Why clone when you can do this?  I was reading through a photography magazine that I recently bought and they gave me this idea!  It’s pretty trippy and weird, hope you guys enjoy the fun of it!  Do you guys see anything odd about the photograph? ;P  (Note: I have one other one but WordPress is being weird and not letting me upload it…hopefully I can get it to work soon.)

Sunny In Seattle

Some photographs of a beautifully sunny fall day here in Seattle.  I walked around the little town where I live and took some pictures.  I then ended the day with some photographs of the sunset behind the city.  Excuse the blur in some of those photos, I was in a moving car on the highway. :P

Roses are Red and Macro Lenses are Amazing

I finally got in my new Nikkor camera lens!  It’s a 60 mm f/2.8 AF Nikkor micro lens, and I am in love with it.  It is so perfectly clear and produces such crisp photos.  It is also amazing with portraits.  I would completely recommend it to anyone.  Anyways, here are some of my photos that I have been taking. :)

The three photos of the roses was a challenge that the Photography Club at my school is doing.  Taking three different photos of the same subject.  I took one with a petal and fire, one from behind a round bowl filled with water, and one with water spilling out of it.  I hope you guys enjoy!  There will be a lot more photos to come!

It’s All In The Eyes

Took an old sheet, taped it to the wall, and then grabbed some of my dad’s lights he uses to photograph his companies products.  I grabbed my dogs one at a time and took some photos of them. :)  Bella is the black one and Jenna is the white one.  I have less pictures of Jenna because she was being weird and didn’t want to cooperate, but Bella would just sit there and look adorable, so it was easy.

I did some photoshopping with the pictures, though I usually don’t do anything to my photos.  I made Bella’s eyes blue just for the fun of it and made Jenna’s eyes more brown because she’s an old dog with dull eyes. :/  But anyways!  I was thinking of opening up a pet portrait mini-business just to help me make money!  What do you think?  Any price suggestions?  I would provide just a CD with all the photos taken for a certain amount of money, and then maybe five extra photos I would photoshop for some extra money.  Then they could also order prints for additional money.  :)  Maybe CD= 10$…5 extra photos for photoshop=5$…and then I need to do research about the prints. :)