To The Beach!

Went up to the beach for a night just to check things out with a new house we bought.  Got some nice shots of the sunset and neighbor’s dog.  Enjoy. :)


Sunny In Seattle

Some photographs of a beautifully sunny fall day here in Seattle.  I walked around the little town where I live and took some pictures.  I then ended the day with some photographs of the sunset behind the city.  Excuse the blur in some of those photos, I was in a moving car on the highway. :P

Off The Edge

I was on a huge hill overlooking the ocean, a bluff, and small community.  The sun was setting, not enough to cast hughes of pink and red across the sky though.  Everything the light touched was turned to golden liquid, and when I saw this I just had to stop.  I made my mom pull over so I could do a quick photography session, and this is what I got.